GamyTech offers one of the only skill-based gaming affiliate programs. With an extensive-reaching marketing landscape, and a brand new demand of quality mobile games, publishers are now able to communicate to an exciting new market.

Flexible Commission Structure

Our commision structure currently offers CPA Plans with one of the highest paying affiliate rates in the industry. In the future, we will be adding rev-share and hybrid profits for our affiliate plans to maximize income and offer a more extensive strategy selection based on publisher preference

High-Speed Payment Options

We work with multiple payment platforms in order for our affiliates to have the safest, most reliable, secure, and immediate withdrawal choices. Our current default payment method is PayPal, however other payment options are available upon request.

Broad Legality Status

We have facilitated our publisher efforts to target a global audience and maximize gains, by following different multi-national advertising and market regulations with respect. Our games are not considered gambling and therefore affiliates are welcome to advertise and focus on markets where gambling companies cannot extend their reach.

Real-Time Reporting

Advanced customizable filters, real-time report tracking, wide range of statistical and analytics appliances, and many more formulated personal tools to ameliorate your performance and increase your earnings.

Personalized Creative Tools

GamyTech’s Creative Department is working feverishly to provide our affiliates with a wide array of marketing tools. We offer multi-lingual dynamic/mobile banners, videos, landing pages, as well as many other creative and personalized resources. Most importantly, we adjust our marketing tools according to individual publisher needs

Multi-Platform Compatibility

We focused on providing our users with high-quality skill-games which perform remarkably across different platforms. Our Products are accessible through iOS and Android mobile devices.